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On our site You can find out all about what is Hydro-X process and what it is used for, as well as the methods to be implemented during the Hydro-X process ( conditioning boiler water, scale and corrosion removal, as well as preventing them, etc.)



  1. Chemical cleaning of lime deposits on the water side of the boiler (steam, hot water), neutralization, rinsing and passivization, using methods of the Danish Company "HYDRO-X";
  2. Protection against corrosion in boilers (steam, hot water), stopping and removing the existing corrosion;
  3. Chemical treatment of boiler water:
    • – Analysis of the feed water hardness;
    • – Regeneration of cation ion - mass;
    • – Replacement of ion - mass;
  4. Chemical analysis of boiler water for the presence of iron and copper ions:
    • – Determination of alkali in the boiler and the p-and m-value;
    • – Determination of pH of boiler water;
  5. Application of HYDRO-X in preparation for boiler feed water;
  6. With all our business partners we make agreements on the analysis of boiler, feed water and condensate on a yearly basis.
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