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On our site You can find out all about what is Hydro-X process and what it is used for, as well as the methods to be implemented during the Hydro-X process (conditioning boiler water, scale and corrosion removal, as well as preventing them, etc.)




Cooperation with Hydro-X consulting service optimizes operability and profitability


Operative assurance

Hydro-X is not just a means for efficient protection of boiler facilities and boiler water conditioning. Our organisation offers consulting and analysis services, as well as all the equipment and education services that is needed for continuous work of our client's facility.

Constant control

When you get a Hydro-X delivery, you can make a service contract that gives you continuous support of boiler and feed water. This service is for your extra security. This job is usually run by our local consultants.

Quickly locating malfunctions

Hydro-X A/S consultants are using modern measuring equipment when locating malfunctions. Some examples of malfunctions are issues with heat exchangers, corrosion, condensate dirtiness or similar issues that require precise location and possible immediate repairs. The consultants are readz for emergency interventions and visitations in case of operative issues.




Operative economy

Any kind of economically optimal solution is based on the big picture analysis.

Expense savings

Today's expenses for usage, maintenance and holdups are significantly higher from expenses with using Hydro-X procedure. This means that switching to Hydro-X represents significant expense savings.

Effective security

Some facilities demand a more careful risk assessment and costs of production holdups. This needs to be a ground basis for evaluation of objective advantages for switching to Hydro-X procedure. Hydro-X is giving a safe solution without any kind of risk to any facility, even in the most demanding facilities and in maintaining the production continuation.


Certificates of quality

Hydro-X A/S is certified with the ISO 9001 quality control system and ISO 14001 environment protection.

Call Hydro-X

After talking with one of our consultants, you will be able to evaluate specific economical and operable advantages of using Hydro-X process in your facility. Call us and schedule a meeting with our technical consultant.


Hydro-X is a danish technology and "know-how" which is exported in over 40 countries worldwide for over 60 years

Areas of our business

Chemicals for steam facilities, district heating facilities, water coolant systems. Hydro-X A/S is providing products, services, "know-how" and consulting in these areas, with the electrical instruments for monitoring, control and dosage in water treatment.

Our other products

Products in this group are: Hydroplex, Hydrocor and Hydrocid for coolant water treatment. With these products our electrical instruments are enabling control and monitoring of coolant water treatment. We can also deliver a inhibited acids for any kind of chemical treatment.

Hydro-X A/S

Hydro-X A/S delivers all products from the factory in Hjallerup, Denmark as well as licensed facilities in: Spain, Filippinnes, Thailand, China, Egypt, Tanzania, Bulgari and Indonesia. In Hjallerup, we also conduct extensive analysis for our clients and products. We have a wide experience in the field that represents a basis for seminars for our clients and every interested parties. Close to 70% of production in Hydro-X A/S is exported to over 40 countries worldwide.

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