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On our site You can find out all about what is Hydro-X process and what it is used for, as well as the methods to be implemented during the Hydro-X process ( conditioning boiler water, scale and corrosion removal, as well as preventing them, etc.)


About the company


Company DeNOx d.o.o. was founded in the late 1996th as a Company for production and services in chemistry, representation, internal and external trade. It employs four (4) employees (two masters of chemistry and two chemical technician).

The Company deals exclusively with the treatment of boiler water and cooling water, and the problems of corrosion and chemical descaling. To perform these tasks our Company has the necessary qualified personnel, the laboratory and the necessary equipment.

In Bosnia and Herzegovina "DeNOx" d.o.o. Sarajevo has signed agreements with several companies regarding the placement of Hydro-X, corrosion prevention in power plants, chemical cleaning of scale and treatment of boiler water.




HYDRO-X is a substance which, when added to boiler feed water, does not allow the occurrence of: scaling, corrosion, free oxygen and carbon dioxide in the boiler. Fuel savings are going up to 30%, annual overhauls are almost not needed.




Because of the type of work and remarkable expertise in this area, the Danish firm "HYDRO-X-A/S" in a Public competition, after assessment in Denmark, has chosen Zijad Čehić,ma, chemical engineer, as its agent, and the Company "DeNOx" d.o.o. as the authorized representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina and R. Croatia in 1997th year.

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